Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 17 Technology ... that little gizmo holds HOW MANY photographs?

Technology is as technology does. I'll be the first to acknowledge I don't understand a thing about computers and programming and how everything connects. I do understand I would be in a world of inconvenience if I didn't have it at my finger tips. Look at this little thumb drive! Just look at it! It's my back-up for thousands of photographic images. All on that little gizmo. Perhaps I should be backing everything up on the Cloud, but I'm not ready and willing for that just yet.

It's exciting to use this ever-developing technology, even though I feel I'm stumbling, fumbling along trying to keep up. Looking ahead to what's just on the horizon in technological advancement is amazing, the stuff of science fiction. I look forward to the next incredible breakthrough. It's change in the making.

And look at what impact technology has had, is having, on photography! Oh my!

Day 17
30 Day Photography Challenge

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