Monday, December 16, 2013

Another Double Up ... Days 21 and 20

Day 21 Faceless Self Portrait

I tried taking a photograph of my head from the back without any of my face showing. I tried a goodly number of shots and all of them turned out looking like Cousin It of the Addams Family.

Back to the drawing board.

Feet! This is an apt self-portrait because I LOVE to go barefoot whenever possible, any time of the year. I do bow down to the radical drop in winter temperatures and will then sometimes wear socks, but chances are barefoot is how you'll find me around the house.

This has been a good challenge, because it forced me to consider what other than a face could be considered a self-portrait. I thought of photographing my hands, but that would be hard to do if one is holding an iPhone camera. And I had already included my hand in a previous photograph.

The photos I took of the back of my head were interesting. I don't often look at the back of my head in my mirror. I usually comb or brush my hair and assume that the back is good to go. However, I am intimately acquainted with my toes, as in applying nail lacquer or accidentally stubbing my toe on a table leg.

I've enjoyed looking at things from a different perspective. Working with yesterday's challenge was a surprise. I wasn't sure what I would find at the bottom of my purse. I toss everything in there and oftentimes it's quite a while until it gets cleared out. Whew! Nothing incriminating. This time.

Day 20 In My Bag

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