Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 22 Inspirational

Inspiration can be found anywhere. Whether we're ready to see it or not, inspiration abounds. But when we're ready and open, we recognize the gift of what was there all along.

I have found, for myself, that my inspiration can be found in nature. If I can walk among the trees, down a grassy path, along a shell strewn shore, so much the better. But, I live in a more urban area. Nature still exists in urban areas. Nature exists cheek and jowl with man-made things, often debris and junk, castoffs.

My inner whoever is delighted and enchanted when, as in this photograph, I come across a simple solitary pine cone resting against a rain-soaked weathered bit of corrugated cardboard. I'm inspired. I gravitate to the contrast of angles and lines to the curves. I love shadows cast, patterns identified.

Part and parcel with seeing such, is happenstance. This isn't a staged photograph. The lighting and the subject matter are found. I'm merely an observer, not a creator. I photograph what is already there.

This is my inspiration.

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