Saturday, September 14, 2013

Painting for Friday the 13th ... figures

I've not been a pleasant person today and subjected those around me to my foul mood, regretfully. I've asked forgiveness, which was cheerfully given. It's all of my own doing. I suggested a garage sale to clear out a bunch of unnecessary clutter, and the idea was taken up. The garage sale is tomorrow ... I detest doing garage sales.

My day was one of getting ready, when I didn't want to get ready ... very childish, very petulant. I get through such things, but it's better when I'm by myself when I throw my little tantrums and none are the wiser. Alas, I live among people. I know, "Grow up!" Yes, to be sure. That is the sensible thing to do, of course.

Oh yes! The matter of my daily painting challenge. That, too, is self-imposed. I did finally eke out a bit of time to move medium around on a board. I'm not sure what to make of it. There was no preconceived thought. These are the few of the remaining colors I have in the Shiva oil stiks. The colors have no significance to me. It's all simply play and releasing of self-inflicted bad mood. If I were to self-analyze--my sister says I think/worry too much--I would say this painting indicates the patient keeps meeting herself coming and going and not making any progress. The patient does have a rather pleasant signature.

Monday will be a better day ...

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