Sunday, September 8, 2013

Du Jour 8 and a return to non-representational composition

I've felt something missing with the representational paintings I've done in this challenge or a feeling of dissatisfaction. I keep going back to the non-representational. Maybe because it for me then becomes only hue and composition. I rather enjoy that.

I've always wanted to render some of my Bondo Series photographic images (macro shots of distressed and damaged metal of cars, trucks, buses, tractors, what have you--metal) in paint. So, today I used a recent Bondo Series photograph just to get the juices going. As you can see, the photo and the Shiva ArtistStik painting have little in common other than a starting point. Once I started I didn't want to include the rust spots, which I so like in the photograph. The painting exercise took on a softer effect rather than the sharp lines of the photo.

It was a fun workout.

After stopping work on today's painting, I was feeling much more at ease, more satiated, than after I had finished, say, the driftwood or the seascape paintings. Perhaps I'm making progress in finding my own voice in my renderings in paint. One can only hope.

Crackling Eruptions in Green Aqua
Photograph, Bondo Series

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