Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Du Jour 10 and RAA Show Entries

Today's painting is acrylic with collage. I came across an old calendar of Japanese prints and I think I'll have some fun with a few du jour paintings. This is 5" x 7" canvas board.

I'm also including the two photographs I've matted and framed to ship down to Redlands, CA for the next show take-in at the Redlands Art Association. When I was down there a couple of weeks ago, I admit I didn't take many iconic Redlands photographs. So, I was a little stumped when I discovered that this particular show has the theme: Redlands Celebration.

Alrighty then ... I happened to take a shot of Cajon Street with all of the palms lining the street, but the shot I had was more to chronicle, not to be a cool photograph--short-sighted of me, yes? Anyway, I played with my original image with some filters and after trying a number of different approaches, I settled on this image using a Cut Out effect. It reminds me a lot of a serigraph. I like the clean suggestions of shape and perspective. This is a 5" x 7" photographic image, which I've doubled matted in white in a matte black metal frame.

I'm sending another photograph of mine, using the same effect filter. I am pleased with the feathery green of Redlands Poppies, and the distinctive shape of that flower. This one has an image size of about 3" square. Yes, these are v-e-r-y  small, but I wanted to see how they ship before I try sending larger photographs/paintings.

It's been a busy, productive day. Hopefully some surprises tomorrow! Pleasant surprises, please!

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