Sunday, September 1, 2013

Painting du jour (Day 1)

This is another 5" x 7" Shiva Oil Paint Artist's Paintstik painting.

I didn't really notice when I bought the "mini assortment" that all the colors were iridescent. It makes for a different overall appearance when everything is iridescent. Que sera ...

I'm going to have to take the photographs of the paintings during the day to take advantage of natural light, or rig up a more effective lighting arrangement, as the colors in the photograph don't convey the brights or deep color saturation of the painting. I've also put the 5" x 7" in an old wood frame I had sitting around--really old--because the painting seemed to convey better framed.

(I'm trying not to get too picky. These blog entries are just to keep a running chronicle of the daily paintings. Jeez! Maybe my photographic endeavors will result in better product photographs by the end of the month, eh? Much room for necessary improvement.)

In any case, here's today's painting ... (drum roll)

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