Thursday, November 11, 2010

Learn something new every day ...

I just finished uploading more images, now totaling 30, to my Etsy shop . Having fun trying to put them in some order. My image descriptions need a lot of polishing so they’re more engaging, pulling at the imagination of the viewer.

While uploading photos, I noticed I had a “convo”—an Etsy conversation--from Michaelann who was informing me that she had included my “Coil of Nails” in her ”Shapes” Treasury. I’m thrilled this photo has been featured now in two separate Treasuries!

This “Shapes” Treasury can be seen at

I took a peek at Michaelann’s Etsy shop and found she lives in Hacienda Heights, CA and sells an amazing assortment of vintage garments. I’m not a fan of vintage dresses, but I have to admit she has an impressive collection. 

However, I really DID like that she creates a little description vignette for each of her frocks. It was so entertaining to read her brief but charming stories about women—she gives them specific names—and where they are wearing that specific frock; very inventive!

I love how creative people can be, and I'm hopeful that I can come up with something as unique as has this Etsy vendor.

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