Saturday, November 13, 2010

All a matter of choice ...

I worked today so there wasn’t any time for photography. I take that back. I had to place new flyers in my listing box and since it was only a few cottages up from Birch Bay State Beach, of course I had to check out what the tide brought in.

The shoreline was littered with ripped up kelp and seaweed. The water out in the Sound must have experienced a whole lot of churning last night because there was all manner of debris and broken shells and rocks piled along the beach.

Other than shells I’ve arranged or sunsets, I don’t often photograph much along the beach; perhaps because beachcombing here is an up close activity. There are treasures to be found, but they are often small and held in the palm of my hand.  This isn’t Hawaii with stretches of gorgeous sandy beaches or swaying palm trees. It’s grittier here in Birch Bay. The larger view is rather muted and muddy.

It’s only when I’m shooting things up close that I find a delight in photographing around the Bay. Maybe it’s just me.

Checked the view count on my Etsy photos and I’m surprised that  “Coil of Nails” is the runaway most viewed, with “Stack of Hats” second most viewed in my shop. I just shake my head in amazement at those two photographs out of all the rest. Nuts!

However, I'm featured in another Treasury, for which I'm happy for the exposure. Vintage Frocks of Fancy has included "White Door" in a second Treasury. You can see it at

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