Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just diving right in ...

Setting up KwestStudio8 in order to sell photographs is thwarting me for some reason or another! I’ve chosen the photographs I want to upload to start selling on Etsy, but coming up with the right pricing continues to evade me.

I don’t remember having so much difficulty starting my Etsy online store for my jewelry. I used a set formula for the pricing, based on cost of goods and time it took to make the piece of jewelry. I did the photography, wrote the descriptions and soon had the site up and running. It was fun and quick. But each piece of jewelry was unique and had a single price, whereas, with a digital image, I’ll charge according to multiple sizes of the print.

I’m not aware of a formula for pricing photographs so that I can make a profit and yet keep the image commercially competitive. Technological advancements make capturing and printing digital images so much easier.  I like the images I’ll offer for sale, but will others like them enough to pay good money to own them?

Perhaps part of my dilemma is that photography is very competitive. I take a photograph of a tulip, and so do you, and so do thousands of others. What makes my photograph marketable? Is it as simple as my taking the photo and then marketing it, whereas, other tulip picture takers don’t offer their photo for sale?

It’s ironic. I was active in the art community when I lived in Southern California, and showed and sold photographic prints, from negatives. I had several solo artist shows and took some awards. But since moving away from California, and converting to digital cameras, I’ve lost touch with showing and selling photographs. Maybe it’s the difference between selling prints from actual film negatives, and digital prints. I’m out of the creative stream and feeling a bit intimidated.

Wait a minute! I’m making much too much about this! I need to just dive in and start swimming!

Alrighty then! I'll upload my photographs and see what happens!


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