Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Launched on Etsy ...

Finally uploaded the first 21 photographic images to There’s a whole process of including description, pricing, shipping, payment, etc. But I at least have an initial sampling of photographs for sale.
Twenty-one is a drop in the bucket compared to other photographers on Etsy who have hundreds of images. I’ll not be daunted by their product and sales record … forward!
I didn’t really (really) imagine making sales as soon as the photos were uploaded, but I was surprised that two of my photographs, “Coil of Nails”  and “Bold Strokes” were included in two Etsy Treasury collections.
Here’s the comment from maysay :
Hi there! Your awesome photograph is hanging out in my new treasury!
Then I received another notice that idriama had included me in her treasury. This time “Bold Strokes” was highlighted.
Hooray! Not a sale, but a nice little pat on the back to be included among 16 other shops that have front page exposure when anyone goes on Etsy. I’m not certain how long the Treasury remains on view, I think only about an hour or so, so if you check out the above links, they may no longer be active.
On the Etsy site one can see how many times an item has been viewed. I don’t have a lot of viewers (yet) but it was interesting to me to see which photographs spurred the most views:
Burnt Truck 3 (Bondo)--shown above
Burnt Truck 4 (Bondo)
Coil of Nails--shown above
Lattice Goddess
Bold Strokes (Street Art)

None of the pretty florals attracted that many views.  Hmmmm, may have to fine tune the photographs I use. It also indicates, to me, that I need to stop playing it safe and just fly with my Street Art and Bondo series photographic images. What fun!

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