Friday, November 5, 2010

Beginnings ...

Everything has a beginning, and this beginning feels a little raw. As time progresses the recipe for this blog may result in a savory concoction. That's my intent at least.

I should be using photographic metaphors, eh? But I haven't eaten and so considerations of what I'm going to fix for dinner are traipsing about my noggin. I have things in the refrigerator at home to make a lovely frittata, but I think the expiration date on the carton of eggs has come and gone.

This blog seems to be starting out the same way; not enough substance in which to sink one's teeth. I have some insights I want to share, but other concepts aren't yet ready for use. If I wait until everything is just right, I may go off on a tangent and not get back to this beginning.

Suffice it to say--it will have to--that I want to share my experiences with the development of KWest Studio 8, wherein I'll play and experiment with art made with a camera.

But right now, forget about fixing dinner! I think I'll head to Paso Del Norte and let them feed me! I didn't want to mess around in the kitchen anyway! M-m-m-m-m Something a little hot and spicy!

I'll begin with a Corona and lime! Ole!

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