Saturday, November 6, 2010

And me without a camera ...

The low cloud cover muted our footsteps as my dog and I walked in the woods this morning.  The air held moisture, I could feel it on my face, not drizzle, finer than mist.

I looked up at the trees I had photographed a few days ago at the peak of their color. Today the branches were all but bare.

A slight breeze must have moved through the tops of the trees. I didn't feel it, but there was a sudden shower of leaves. Each leaf twirled and danced its way to the carpet of spent leaves at the foot of the tall tree.  It tickled me that the leaves didn't just fall to the ground, but twirled--some faster than others--like silent amber whirligigs.

And there I was without my camera. Nothing to do other than bear grateful witness to Nature going about its business.

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