Friday, February 18, 2011

Reality, whatever that means, and Project 365

I wanted to mention "The Innocents" a photo documentary by Taryn Simon. It was totally by accident that I ran across her photography this afternoon when I was administering my Etsy site, but I was so impressed with her purpose and how she executed it, that I must pass it along to you, too.

"The Innocents series by Taryn Simon documents the stories of individuals who served time in prison for violent crimes they did not commit. At issue is the question of photography's function as a credible eyewitness and arbiter of justice."

Taryn photographed people in the locations where crimes for which they were wrongfully convicted were committed, but the truth of the matter, is that none of them were ever at those locations. I was struck by how a moment perceived by a witness as reality can directly impact an innocent life.

I encourage you to check out and click on "The Innocents." (There is nothing gruesome or grisly about these photographs, other than the implication.)

My hat off to photographer Taryn Simon who said volumes with a series of simple photographs!

My photograph du jour has no socially redeeming value, it's just a hole in a white concrete block wall. Period.


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