Thursday, February 10, 2011

Project 365

Shazam! The day is done and I'm watching white and red of head and tail lights passing along Birch Bay Drive. Time to call it a day. But, wait! Have to upload today's photograph.

Most people have window blinds these days in this corner of the country. Seldom do I see drapery, and more infrequent to see lace curtains. Perhaps that's why I was struck with the way the light filtered through the lace and the graceful way the folds created a darker contrast. Curtained windows also look out onto imagination, if you let them.

The lace curtain window transported me back to an earlier time in my life, when visiting Auntie Vivian who had lace curtains. No matter if she didn't, I remember her having them, and looking through them out onto a white picket arbor covered with delicate little pink tea roses and bees buzzing in the summertime--the arbor, roses and bees she DID have. Auntie Vivian is long gone, so is the farm where she lived with Uncle Albert and their brood of 10 children whose names all began with "D."

Oh my! What odd things trigger memories. Here's today's photograph:


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  1. Great photo! The use of light & dark is interesting, & the anecdote amusing, as well. I don't remember Aunt Vivian's farm (I probably was either not born yet, or too young to remember), but I do remember roses & bees at Grandma & Grandpa Hinsvark's in Compton - & I think Grandma had lace curtains, too; didn't she?

    Yes, memories have interesting triggers & come at interesting times.