Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Northwest Sea and Sky Exhibit and Project 365

David Vargo, owner of Loomis Hall Gallery in Blaine, WA, emailed a Call to Artists for submissions by photographers and sculptors for an upcoming show to be held in conjunction with the annual Wings Over Water birding festival that draws thousands of birding fans. The deadline for entries was yesterday. I sent in four photographs for consideration. Alas, there weren't as many artist responses as Mr. Vargo anticipated, so the deadline has been set back to allow for late entries. So, I'm waiting with bated breath to see if I get anything in this show.

But life goes on, and today another photograph. Actually--surprise! surprise!-- I have two photographs for today.  A new thrift shop has opened in Blaine and I stopped by, and although it was closed, my eye was attracted to a chandelier hanging in their front window and then upward to a row of brides and "dolls." It made such a nice combination, plus the strong diagonal of the reflection on the glass. Anyway, I like it.

The second one is the back wall of an old brick building I was down an alley in Blaine. I was enchanted by the textures and the repetition of lines.

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