Monday, February 21, 2011

Project Neon! and Project 365

I was reading about Kirsten Hively, an architect/photographer in New York. She values that city's gritty character, and is concerned that the big box stores will blot out the moms-n-pops places, the old neighborhood bars and taverns, the budget motels. She has commenced her own photographic project to encourage appreciation of New York's historic neon signage.  She also puts value on the handmade aspect of neon signage.

You might think the old neon signs a blight on the cityscape, but I'm with Hively in placing a historic and visual appreciation on neon.  You can find out more about Project Neon! at .

Here the day was a mish-mash weather day. However, I combined my attraction to neon with the raindrops on my windshield to create a composition of color, light, horizontals, diagonals, grids.

(I love ordering Crispy Chicken Kung Pao from this little Birch Bay cafe.)


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