Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Belated Project 365

Ok, I admit it. I took a little nap after dinner and didn't download the images until just now. So, these photos are technically for yesterday. I'll have more later today.

I was going to use the iPhone photos I took at the post office while I waited 90 minutes for AAA to come and unlock my car. Thank goodness I at least had my phone with me!

But then Suki and I were out previewing a home for a client and we were sooooo close to the state park beach that it would be criminal NOT to go for a quick beach walk. Quick it most definitely was because the wind was howling muy frio and just holding my camera was painfully cold, and the sun was setting. But I managed to capture a shot or two of seaweed making its mark and some driftwood. Here they are.

Oh, one last note. I wasn't the only one out braving the elements. There was a guy out on the water, a sail surfer. I don't have a good enough camera to capture him to advantage, but I've included it here because it was so incredibly cold (snow forecast for tonight) and there he was whipping along the bay.


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  1. More great photos, Kay! I especially like the 1st & 3rd. Okay ... after looking them all over again, I'll have to put #2 in there as well. It looks like a desert landscape, all rock & sand - beautiful. The seaweed held down by the rock, making its back-&-forth marks in the sand - unable to go anywhere, but still making its mark upon the world ... great! The big ol' rusted nails with vegetation hanging off of them, poking out of the wood - fantastic!

    And the silly man who's GOT to be freezing in that water, but doing what he obviously loves anyway ... well, the photo may not be award-winning, but his attitude is! And so is yours, for braving the knuckle-numbing cold to get your shots for the day!