Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trashy Day 180 full of surprises ...

I had an interesting experience today. I've been reading a new book on dowsing. Today I decided I would try out the dowsing on the question of what to do to make money.  I wrote 4 things on individual scraps of paper and then folded them up so I couldn't see what I was dowsing. I didn't want my own preferences or ego to interfere with the dowsing. Then over each folded paper I asked: Is this my best and highest means to make money? The pendulum indicated a strong negative on three of the choices, and didn't respond at all to the 4th. I opened the pieces of paper: "Other" was the choice on which the pendulum didn't move at all, so then I wrote: "Photography" and the pendulum started strongly moving in an affirmative direction! It's interesting to note that photography was not even one of the original three, isn't it?

I have to admit I was totally surprised at this unanticipated answer. I thought without a doubt that one of the original three choices would clearly result in a "yes" swing of the pendulum! Photography has always been just something fun to do. There are so many more incredibly talented and skilled photographers. I just never thought I had anything unique to offer. Interesting ...

I asked. Collective Universe answered. Now what? I guess I have to start opening doors to photography ... hmmm ...

Life is sooooooooo intriguing!

June 29, 2011


Red, Black, Grey, Lines

Trash Collection VII

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