Friday, June 24, 2011

Trash, Trash and more ...

I had collected trash yesterday, but didn't have time to make "something" of the debris. I luckily caught Meggan before she tossed the bag into the dumpster. Whew, just in time!

Suki and I wandered the park this morning, dodging the riding mowers. It IS nice that the city takes responsibility for watering and mowing the park; too bad the folks who benefit from it don't clean up after themselves.

But, the purpose of this blog isn't a social commentary, it's about photography. I suppose if I'm deliberately picking up trash and making something out of it, I am, in fact, making some kind of comment; maybe just advocating recycling of an odd sort. I mean, after I make the "thing," I proceed to throw away the debris, except the pennies and dime I found. I also found a cool computer chip thingy, which I'll see if I can incorporate into a piece of jewelry or something. See! I AM recycling!

Here are Trash Collection II and III:

Cig Butts, Glass Shards, Wicker Mat Remains

Broken Glass Shards, Cig Butts, Wicker Mat

Trashy Components

And Project 365 Photographs:

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