Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another hot, hot in Colorado and Day 169

I haven't gone anywhere today, simply staying swamp cooler cool in the apartment. All of the children are with their various "other" parents, so it is blissfully quiet. I should get out and do some more exploring while I'm in this area of the country, but 'tis a lazy day Kay that I am.

So, my photos du jour are also then rather close by. One is of the top end of a park post, those posts that keep vehicles from driving onto the park. I love wood and woodgrain, and was delirious with the plethora of woody choices in the Pacific Northwest. I can't stay away from trees and wood, there's some sort of energy field that draws me in under their dappled sunlight shade, the sound of the leaves chattering among themselves. This particular park post has a double heart. Enchanting!

I also include a photograph today of some game the neighborhood kids had marked out on the apartment driveway with chalk. I deliberated about sweeping away the cigarette butt, but it seemed to impart a cautionary point to the photograph, AND I like to capture unaltered images. This photo was a collaborative effort between the neighborhood boys, who drew; Sierra, who squiggled; and Owen, who provided the cautionary element.

Both of these images are iPhotos.

June 18, 2011

Double Heart

Art n Ashes

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