Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day, something to say, photo of the day ...

Enjoying Father's Day at my younger son's home this year. It has been a heart-warming change from my last 7 years of solitary living: a lot of love and hugs from his youngsters, colorful drawings and handprints, specially prepared waffle breakfast for Dad. He and I shared family memories about his growing up and things my ex-husband did lovingly for our sons. Good times.

Ruth, a friend of mine posted a Father's Day poem on Facebook, a sad poem about a brusque, taciturn father who did so many things for his family that went unappreciated; the point of it being all those responsibilities we undertake for the well-being of our children. It got to me, since my Dad died unexpectedly when I was 18. I never had the opportunity to interact with him as an adult, didn't have the wisdom then to understand what he had sacrificed on my behalf or that of my siblings. I still have regrets tucked away, unspoken. I'll have to meet up with him in after life and speak my piece.

Enough. This blog is becoming maudlin.

The other thing I wanted to share today was an Etsy tip by Amy Schreoder. I haven't been doing anything with Etsy for the last several weeks because of my trip and other life distractions.

But, I logged on yesterday to get caught up and came across Amy's post. She's a young thing, but has enjoyed incredible success already in her young life. I found her post simple and to the point. She touched on 3 things:

1. DO WHAT YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE DOING. I love taking, editing and uploading photographs, but I do NOT like to follow through on marketing my photographs. I always put off finding what venues or resources I could be approaching with my photographs.

I put together a whole box of photo cards, at least 50 sets, and never placed them where they could sell.

I must work out a plan replete with deadlines. It's no wonder nothing is happening with my photographs. I'm not getting the ball rolling and keeping it rolling. If something is to happen, I have to initiate it. It's not enough to just do what I love to do.

So, I need to:
Learn about my photo market,
Draw up a biz plan,
Plan to do something every day and do it!

2. BLOG AND NETWORK. I need to put myself out there! There are so many online resources and how-to sites.

3. TEACH OTHERS. People love to learn, and I could earn a few bucks by teaching others what I love to do.

Hooray! I did something! I blogged! OK, I won't let it go to my head.

Now, here's today's photographs. I went to Crystal Books, a metaphysical bookstore in Grand Junction, and while wandering around, looked up. Just what I wanted to do with Project 365. There was some sort of mirror or reflective panels in the ceiling. I loved how they abstracted the bookcases below. Both are iPhotos.

June 19, 2011

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