Saturday, May 7, 2011

Same o' Project 365

It rained this morning, but the sun came out this afternoon and it's lovely enough to take Suki out for a walk on the tideflats. Hooray!

I spoke with my elder son this morning, speaking of photographs. I came across a soccer photo of Paul when he was about 5. It was so cute. I had forgotten how adorable he was at that age. I'm going to mail it off to him so his son, Cole, can see what his dad looked like at almost the same age. Cole is 3. Photographs are such fun!

Today's photograph is fun, too, even though it isn't of anyone's son. I have a chronic fascination with things in the road, and have a most enjoyable series of "Street Art" to which I keep adding images. I like the little bit of blue offsetting the white and gray/black of the asphalt street.


Street Art: Asterisk

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