Saturday, May 21, 2011

What? No Photograph?

Yes, well, I'm here at the office with camera and cord to download my photographs, BUT, although I'm here I've obviously left my computer at the house.

I'm here, so making a post I am. Hmmm. What can I write about?

I'll be leaving Birch Bay on June 1st, heading first to visit with my sister Mel in Spokane and then driving on down to Grand Junction, CO. I'm taking a route I've never travelled before, so I'm not sure what I'll encounter. I have a AAA Triptik, and it gives a one or two sentence description of the lay of the land, but too brief to give me any clear idea. In any case, it will be different from  Altitude 0 at Birch Bay. New images to capture, new experiences and perhaps fun adventure to be had.

My camera doesn't hold a charge well, so I'm trying to anticipate having enough battery to keep clicking shots!

I've been trying to sell my Miata on Craigs List, and today met with a man who was interested in buying a Miata for his daughter. It really is such a small world ... he knew Grand Junction quite well, being originally from Colorado Springs, CO. He hates the weather here and assured me I will fall in love with the weather and sunshine in Colorado. If he had the opportunity, he would go right back to CO. Nice fellow. However, his daughter didn't want to pay as much as I wanted for the Miata. He gave the car quite a check over, so I am assured I have a good car. AND I was assured that, by this fellow's reckoning at least, I was going to like CO, if not LOVE it! Sounds good to me.

While looking for a truck in Lynden yesterday, I drove through Whatcom County and came across a place that had some stacked empty metal drums. They were great fodder for photographs. That was what I hoped to upload to my computer and publish today. Darn it!

Tomorrow I'll provide photographs.

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