Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 96 of 365 and 26 Days Left Until ...

I have loved living by the water from Day 1; all of these days in the life. Each day the water seems to take on a different appearance. A sunset is not a sunset and a sunset and a sunset. Nor is a rainstorm a storm and a storm and a storm. Are you still with me?

Today's photograph is of a curtain of rain out in the Strait. It never looks exactly the same; fascinating. I love how the wind, or lack thereof, make lines in the water!


I ordered my Triptik today; pick it up in Bellingham on 16th. Oh my! What marvelous things will I encounter to photograph on my journey to Grand Junction? I can hardly wait! I won't have the equipment to upload my photo du jour while traveling. But I'll make up for those days I miss, you can be certain. 

I'm also certain I won't have many water photographs. I'll miss my kinship with the tide ebb and flow, and sunsets and squalls, and kayaks and sailboats and crab boats ... oh, and DUNGENESS CRAB!

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