Friday, October 21, 2011

The Light of Day ...

Here it is moments from changing from Thursday to Friday, and it seems I came up from my "base of operations" in the basement only to let out the dog, eat, and use the loo. It looked like it might have been a nice enough day outside, but I just had too much to keep me occupied between all of my various avocations, so I really couldn't say for certain if it was nice or not.

I did download just a couple of photographs from the Finch Arboretum, and I'll share those with you tonight. I'll sort through the rest of them tomorrow and see if there's anything worthwhile among them.

"Maple en Grille" has been featured in another Etsy treasury:

Theme: Leaf Pile
Curator: Betsy Sio at

Speaking of leaf pile, it was so peaceful and contemplative meandering through the trees and falling leaves at the arboretum. It was later in the day, that golden time, and Mel and I had the preserve pretty much to ourselves.

Of the two photographs I'm uploading tonight, I loved the yellows and gold leaves of the one shot, with the black trunks and branches. The leaves were so unique because they looked individually painted on, one by one by one; so evenly spaced. It was some kind of aspen, but I can't recall the genus.

The other shot is simply an overall light through the trees beauty, with a hint of the autumn display of color.

I brought home some of the fallen leaves and sealed a couple in self-sealing laminating pouches. I'm curious if they'll keep their color by being sealed away from air, or they will simply turn brown.

I hope you'll enjoy the photographs! They'll always keep their color!

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