Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reflections, Watery and Not ...

A couple of days ago a good friend of mine was expressing the irony that she, who loves the woods and forests, ended up living by the Pacific Ocean, whereas I, who loves the water, ended up by the woods and forests. Life has a droll sense of humor.

There's something about water that mesmerizes me. I know this is common, nothing extraordinary. I just love the movement, the play of light, the distortion of reflections in the ripples. Did I mention the movement? Oh, yes. This particular photograph of a pond along Mirabeau Parkway in Spokane, reminds me of a plume agate or sagenite, parts of which are transparent showing feathery or plant-like inclusions within the stone. This layering of images below the water, the rippled surface of the water, and the reflections of things above the water delight me no end.

Another thought came to me. Ruth Bavetta, a wonderful poet, sent a link to Pamela Northcutt's blog wherein the blogger paired her photographs with Ruth's poem. It was lovely. Pam's photographs, entitled Muir Woods, were tranquil and restful and the "big" picture. My photographs, on the other hand tend to be close-up, details seen at the end of my nose. Vive la difference!

Never a dull moment!

I had two more photos included in Etsy Treasuries:

Treasury: Boy Oh Bouy
Curator: MonkeyFrouFrou
My photo: Fishing Nets n Bouys


Treasury: Natural Dream State: Autumn
Photo: Frosty Maples

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