Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spokane River all on a sunny afternoon ...

Mel had to take her grandson out to the mall to buy some things for a homecoming soiree, and I tagged along. I'm still learning my way around and throughout Spokane, so I was up for a ride along. I took some photos of skulls I had seen in one of the shops. It was a pleasant diversion while Mel did her grandmama thing.

However, once the shopping excursion was done, and grandson was safely dropped off with his goodies in stow, Mel and I headed back home. On the way, we crossed over a bridge and I asked how she would recommend I get down to the river from there. She showed me a cool little place right by the river, out past the water reclamation place.

I imagine in the heat of the summer, it would be a very popular place, but it was getting later in the afternoon and the temperature quite cool, so we had the place all to ourselves.

I could hear the water rushing over the rapids just down from our location; the sound was wonderful! Three paddlers floated by in their kayaks. What a glorious time to be on the river.

So, today I'll share those photographs with you. Enjoy the water this Day 285 of 365:

Color display just starting here; more
evident other areas of Spokane

Looked like so much FUN!

I applied a Dry Brush effect to this shot.

This one has a Poster Edges effect

Mel, waiting patiently while I scurried about
photographing this, analyzing that

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