Saturday, October 1, 2011

Influence of Surroundings

Birch Bay Sunset

Birch Bay shells, beach glass and pebbles

Like a lot of artists, I'm heavily influenced by my natural surroundings. Having lived in Birch Bay on the west coast of WA for seven years, I still feel the water sloshing around in m'brain!

A number of years ago I read a Barbara Kingsolver non-fiction "High Tide in Tucson" about transitioning from ocean to desert. If I remember correctly, she wrote of her hermit crab still moving through its cage in time to the tides.  (Her insights about nature and the desert are almost lyrical. I highly recommend this as a good read!)

However, I am planted here in Spokane for the present and this is where I have to find a new ebb and flow. It'll happen ... with patience.

It will be fun to see what new jewelry will result from this new environment!

Pine cone by Spokane River

Pine trees in Spokane woods

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