Saturday, January 28, 2012

Patterns in Pale

Just three more days and the first month of the new year will be kaput; amazing to me, simply amazing.

Since the finale of Project 365, I've felt a little adrift, without sense of direction or photographic purpose.

Hey! Good News! I finally sold my first photograph from my Etsy shop! I've been uploading inventory to that shop for over a year, and other than an acrylic painting that sold to a kind fellow in The Netherlands to give to his wife to hang in the kitchen, no photographs have been purchased through the Etsy venue. UNTIL NOW! I'm thrilled. I just shipped it off to Australia. (What? Don't people in the US of A want my photographs? One wonders!)

My photographs continue to be featured in Etsy Treasuries. Here are the latest:


Treasury: I Should be Sleeping
Curator: Natalie Eberly of TheSilkMoon
Photo: Cannot Sleep a Wink

Treasury: Getting Sleepy
Curator: Macedoine
Photo: Cannot Sleep a Wink ... yup, two different curators included the same photograph to their treasuries on the same day!

Photo: Garden of Good Luck
Curator: Kath Burrows from MagpiesHaunt
Treasury: Year of the Dragon

Treasury: Awake
Photograph: Morning Tea ... I love this pleasant photo/good patterns
Curator: Jessica Esther Hoflick at CitrusTea

But for today's upload I'm sharing a few photographs that are pale in hue, but which I found to have interesting textures:

Birch Bark/Detail
I was drawn to the "scribbling" on the outer
layer, with the pristine inner layer
recently exposed.

Unedited iPhoto of a fence of
welded metal wheels.

I love the abstraction of this photograph
of froth left over from my eggnog
Filmgrain effect

I think I may have shared this one
with you before earlier this month. It's a close up of an
abandoned wasp nest. I loved looking into the egg chambers.

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