Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day One, 2012

Water's Edge/Loon Lake

First day of a new year. There are two words in that sentence that are human assigned constructs: day and year. They are what we humans spin our little lives around. It's a new year, so I should start something new or do something differently. It's the first day, so it's already gone--poof. Did I waste my first day of the new year? Did I miss some opportunity?

Right now is right now, and right now I don't have a sparkling fresh new plan or project. Right now I'm typing my blog entry, thinking about the rootbeer float I'm going to treat myself with as soon as I finish this task.

No new plan or strategy. The Grand Plan for 2012 will have to wait until tomorrow, the second day of 2012.

Hope your first day was a dilly!

1 comment:

  1. Who says there has to be a grand plan? God gives one day at a time. It is not a waste to enjoy the gift with a root beer float!