Friday, January 21, 2011

Why stop at one?

There was an absolutely stunning Birch Bay sunset day before yesterday. People were stopping their vehicles, jumping out, snapping a shot and going on their way. I had taken a couple of shots, but while I was at the Bay Center Market, a stranger next to me bemoaned the fact she didn't have her camera with her. She had lost her job with Comcast, wasn't finding other employment here, was moving shortly to Arizona to find a job and buy a home down there. She said she wished she had a sunset photograph of the bay to take as a memento.

I told her I'd send a photograph to her, if she wanted. She wanted! So, today I sent this photograph, along with eleven other sunset photographs ... one for each month of the year! A lot of sunsets are similar, but each is totally different. It's amazing when you see a large assortment of sunsets, how unique each is.

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