Friday, January 14, 2011

365 days in a year ...

And today is the 14th day. I came across an article referring to artist Noah Scalin's project to make a representation of a human skull every day for a year. He used a wide variety of media, from spaghetti to  ... well, you just need to google the project and see for yourself. It is awesome! The creative focus and discipline appealed to me. Lord knows I can always use more discipline! So, I made a decision to snap random shots and upload it to my blog. There won't be any rhyme or theme. I tend to photograph close up images, so I'm going to try to look up and capture some of those images. I'll be using a variety of cameras and my old iPhone camera, and I won't be editing these images. You'll see them as I snapped them! Won't this be fun? I hope so.

I decided on this project a few days ago, so I'll share today's image (01-14-11) and then work backward. This is an iPhone shot of red birch driftwood on cobble beach. You can see a little snow on the bark.

01-13-11 I happened to have business at the Bellingham courthouse and shot these two looking out the 3rd floor window toward the courthouse rotunda.


01-12-11 Same area as the earlier two photographs, Horizons at Semiahmoo. Attracted to the organic bare, red spike branches in front of the wood plank formed concrete with horizontal lines and six small holes.

01-11-11 Loved this bare, red budded branch in front of a couple of boulders and a formed concrete wall. Great contrasts and textures.

01-10-11  It was starting to snow again. Loved the fluidity of the grass contrasting with the icy concrete walkway.

01-09-11 Shot with my iPhone looking west from Semiahmoo spit.

I usually take photographs each and every day, but for the purpose of this 365-day photo project, I'm not going to hazard a guess as to which images were shot on which days. It will be fun to see if there's any pattern to my daily images. I'm looking forward to the spontaneity of these random photographs.

And away we go .....

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