Thursday, March 9, 2017

What Next?

There's always something old and something new, kind of like marriage. Kind of like life.

Although Little Dog Art Gallery is only one year old, it is going to become the something old. Not sure what I'll keep doing with it. The brick and mortar will close, no lease, no cleaning the floor and toilet, no interacting with gallery visitors and gallery activities. But the website and the blog will remain active. The website is set up for online sales. I hope there will be an ongoing viable path to represent other artists and their art.

I don't know YET what that will look like and how it will function. To be continued ...

In the meantime, nothing remains in stasis, everything is dynamic, always changing.

Even though I'm probably better known for my photography, I've been at the easel trying some new painting approaches. I want to take my images in a different direction, so I'm experimenting.

Results are rough and unformed. I seem to want to simplify my imagery. More conceptual? More minimalist? I don't even know yet how to define it. It's too early to define.

Even my color scheme is changing, becoming more earthy.

Something feels good about the direction.

Show of Hands Acrylic

My Doggone Dog  Acrylic

Daybreak  Acrylic

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