Monday, June 1, 2015

Photographing While Waiting in Spokane Traffic

I had attended an event in downtown Spokane and was heading home. While out and about I normally snap a couple of photographs with my iPhone for my IG. I hadn't encountered anything to that point, so I decided since there were a number of stoplights between where I was and home, I would photograph something whenever I was stopped, waiting for the light to change to green.

I just pointed my camera out the window and  *click* There wasn't time to decide what best to shoot. Simply stop for the traffic ahead of me and spontaneously shoot ... whatever.

It was simple. It was fun. I won't make a habit of it, BUT it was freeing to do something totally unstructured, impulsive. Well, not totally unstructured ... I did crop them after I got home.

Here are five of the "Waiting for the Stoplight to Change to Green" photographs:

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