Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Challenge Day 2 What You Wore

I'm not a clothes horse, no fashionista here. So, when I saw today's subject, I choked. Who cares what I wore? But, it's not at all about me, is it? It's simply a photography challenge.

Bite the bullet and get 'er done!

Even though the photography challenge isn't about me, this is what I wore today. I often wear scarves, hence a scarf. I always wear jewelry I've made myself or earrings or a ring made by other artists. I often wear something black.

The scarf in today's photograph was purchased for a buck at a thrift shop here in Spokane, WA. The sterling ring was designed, cast, and finished by Vesta Ward of Southern California. I purchased it from Vesta at the Denwar Show in Costa Mesa, CA right around this time of the year about 25-30 years ago. Vesta Ward is no longer. Denwar Show is no longer. But I still cherish a piece of her legacy.

Day 2
What You Wore

What did I gain from today's photography subject? Stop dreading a subject and just shoot! Distance my feelings of inferiority from the subject for the purpose of the photo shoot. AND, there's more than one way to shoot a subject! Hmmm. This is going to be fun!

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