Wednesday, April 4, 2012

what? white, white, white!

A very recent photograph listing has been featured in an Etsy Treasury:
Curator: Sarah Giannobile
Photo: White on Wood

It continues to amaze me that the all-time most frequently featured photographs of mine happen to be WHITE. The most popular ones are shown here:

White on Wood

White on White

Bouy, Oh Bouy

Arc on White

Don't Rain on My Parade
Okay, so the last one is more colorful, but I have over 100 photographs listed on my Etsy shop, and these shown above are the ones featured over and over again ... and over again, and again.

I might add, none of them have sold. Go figure!

I'll keep trying to figure out the logistics. It's frustrating, BUT, it doesn't diminish my zeal for clicking that shutter!

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